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Caliwel™ HVAC Antimicrobial Coating

* Offers long term protection against
odor casuing bacteria, mold & fungi insdie HVAC duct system.
* Low odor, No VOCs
* Easy to apply, highly potent, green

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Alistagen Antimicrobial Products

Caliwel™ with BNA solves the problems caused by odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew, algae and fungi, which can cause deterioration and discoloration on surface coating films. CaliwelTM is composed of a revolutionary multi-patented, semi-permeable, micro-encapsulated formula representing a breakthrough in modern antimicrobial* science.

Caliwel™'s mode of action, BNA (Bi-Neutralizing Agent) utilizes calcium hydroxide, a naturally occurring antimicrobial* mineral. In its micro-encapsulated form, BNA is effective against common micro-organisms that can stain and discolor coating surfaces. CaliwelTM creates a reactive film that inhibits the microbial growth long after it is applied. This is especially important where the presence of such microorganisms on dried surface coating is undesirable or harmful to the surface film. CaliwelTM attacks microbes that can be present on dried films with its highly alkaline microbe-destructive active ingredient.

Caliwel™ can be easily applied to walls and other hard surfaces by any conventional coating method including brush, roller, dip, or sprayer. The product is formulated in ten designer colors:

  • Guardian (white)Guardian (white)
  • Clear Horizon (pink)Clear Horizon (pink)
  • Peaceful Glow (yellow)Peaceful Glow (yellow)
  • Comfort Zone (blue)Comfort Zone (blue)
  • Calm Haven (green)Calm Haven (green)
  • Twilight Sentry (grey)Twilight Sentry (grey)
  • Trusted Fortress (off-white)Trusted Fortress (off-white)
  • Rest Assured (creme)Rest Assured (creme)
  • Warm Hearth (beige)Warm Hearth (beige)
  • Serene Harbor (beige w/blue hue)Serene Harbor (beige w/blue hue)

Custom colors are available, minimum order 25 gallons.

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