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Clean Living: Home & Office

Caliwel™ BNA architects, interior designers and home owners - preferred choice.

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BNA is effective against odor-causing micro-organisms that may cause problems in the environment.

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Smart Eco-Friendly Paint: All Interiors

Caliwel™ ultimate paint for modern living: optimize your environment creating proactive clean conditions.

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See how water-based zero VOC Caliwel™ antimicrobial paint finish can increase productivity in your office

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Mold & Bacteria Resistant Paint

Caliwel™ leading premium, zero VOC, eco-friendly, paint perfect for homes, offices, schools, hotels, hospitals and more.

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See why Caliwel™ eco-friendly paint finish is the ideal solution for creating clean proactive environment conditions that are mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria growth free.

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Benefits of the eco-friendly zero VOC paint:

Caliwel™ with BNA is the class of the most advanced generation of architectural functional eco-friendly paint for walls, designed for both residential or industrial modern living or working. Our paints and coatings contain no VOC or odor-causing agents that can lead to allergies or asthma and are used as decorative paint with ability to sanitize walls in homes, offices, hospitals, schools creating proactive and cleaner living.

Caliwel™ with BNA Home & Office: Premium Architectural Interior Finish Ultimate generation of paint - Caliwel™ the Smart Paint zero VOC, eco-friendly, durable, architectural paint finish with non-releasing antimicrobial, anti-mold, long lasting end result, full substitute for the conventional architectural paint. This product is applied in every architectural interior setting, residential and commercial. It is the highest standard for every new or existing living or working interior setting providing clean proactive living conditions. Eliminates the existing mold and odor causing bacteria and prevents re-growth of mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria and algae on a coating's surface for years. No VOCs, no off-gassing, green, durable and is virtually odorless. Available in flat finish, variety of colors, sold in 1 gallon, 5 gallon pails and 50 gallon drums.

Caliwel™ Industrial Coating: Most potent antimicrobial surface coating in the market, prime choice for inside stud walls, crawl spaces and other hidden areas, offering long-term inhibition of mold, mildew, bacteria and odor-causing microorganisms on coating surfaces

Caliwel™ HVAC: A ground-breaking anti-microbial surface coating with its application designed for the interior of HVAC ducts, and other areas of HVAC systems, offering a means to inhibit the growth of odor-causing microorganisms on coating surfaces.


Caliwel™ is water-based, green, odorless and contains no VOCs. Caliwel™ Do-It-Yourself easily applied to walls and other hard surfaces by any conventional coating method including brush, roller, dip, or sprayer.

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Download technical information here: MSDS and TDS


2005 Frost and Sullivan Technology Innovation Award

San Antonio, April, 2005 - Frost & Sullivan's 2005 Technology Innovation Award in the field of coatings and surface technologies goes to Alistagen Corporation in recognition of the company's development of the innovative anti-microbial - prophylactic coating technology known as Caliwel™ with BNA.


Caliwel BNA is an Antimicrobial Paint company. Our main offerings include: Anti Mold Paint and Antimicrobial Paint products for all commercial and residential architectural settings – full substitute to the conventional architectural paint. Our paint is specially engineered to prevent and eliminate bacteria, mold and mildew growth on the coating surfaces without utilizing toxic chemicals often found in similar products. Antimicrobial Industrial Coatings for walls, inside dry walls, stud walls, crawl spaces and basements; and HVAC line of specialty antimicrobial coatings for inside HVAC ductworks found in homes, hospitals, schools, and businesses. Our paint is used to enhance indoor environments and create proactive clean living and working conditions without the use of biocides, pesticides and toxic chemicals.

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Caliwel BNA Industrial Antimicrobial - Five Gallon Pail
Price: $395.00
Caliwel BNA Industrial Antimicrobial - Five Gallon Pail
Caliwel BNA Industrial full scope antimicrobial coating the most potent anti-mold product on the market.