Home & Office Brilliant Smart Paint Finishes For Proactive Clean Living:

Caliwel™ with BNA Premium Paint Finishes


* Superior architectural paint will beautify your walls in durable and eco-friendly mode while safely enabling around the clock clean and proactive living and working conditions
* Inhibits odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew, algae and fungi that can stain and discolor the surface coating
* Use on new construction or remodeling

Alistagen Antimicrobial Caliwel™ is the most preferred paint by architects, interior decorators and specifiers formulated for use in all indoor environments, home, office, or commercial spaces:

Caliwel™ with BNA line of architectural latex paint will beautify your home or office while providing clean and optimized living or working environment. Caliwel™ is a durable, green, virtually odorless paint finish with power to solve the problems often found in homes and offices caused by odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew, algae and fungi, which can cause deterioration and discoloration on surface coating films and compromise your space.

Caliwel™'s mode of action, BNA (Bi-Neutralizing Agent) utilizes calcium hydroxide (lime), a naturally occurring antimicrobial* mineral in its formulation eliminating toxic biocides and exotic cocktail chemicals. In its micro-encapsulated form, BNA is highly effective against common micro-organisms mold and odor-causing bacteria that can stain and discolor coating surfaces. Caliwel™ creates a reactive non-leaching film that inhibits the microbial growth long after it is applied.

Caliwel™ can be easily applied to walls and other hard surfaces by any conventional coating method including brush, roller, dip, or sprayer. The product is formulated in ten designer colors:

Caliwel™ is latex, water-based, virtually odorless and free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), NO DISCHARGE OF IONS IN THE AIR

  • Guardian (white)Guardian (white)
  • Clear Horizon (pink)Clear Horizon (pink)
  • Peaceful Glow (yellow)Peaceful Glow (yellow)
  • Comfort Zone (blue)Comfort Zone (blue)
  • Calm Haven (green)Calm Haven (green)
  • Twilight Sentry (grey)Twilight Sentry (grey)
  • Trusted Fortress (off-white)Trusted Fortress (off-white)
  • Rest Assured (creme)Rest Assured (creme)
  • Warm Hearth (beige)Warm Hearth (beige)
  • Serene Harbor (beige w/blue hue)Serene Harbor (beige w/blue hue)

Larger quantities of custom colors could be formulated as a special order. Custom colors are available.

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