Caliwel™ HVAC with BNA Antimicrobial Coating

Price: $465.00 per five gallon pail


Benefits of Caliwel™

Superior surface treatment guards against deterioration and discoloration on surface coating films caused by microorganisms.

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2005 Frost and Sullivan Technology Innovation Award

Product details

Caliwel™ HVAC with BNA Antimicrobial Coating - Technical Information: MSDS, TDS

Caliwel™ BNA HVAC is a revolutionary antimicrobial coating, durable, long-lasting, precision-engineered for inside HVAC ducts and other areas of the HVAC system. For the first time, this product offers long term antimicrobial protection against odor-causing bacteria, mold, fungi, algae on a coating's surface of HVAC. The product is available in special HVAC Guardian finish (semi-transparent) as standard, different color finishes are available on request. Caliwel™ BNA HVAC contains no pigments, no VOCs and is virtually odorless. Sold in 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums.

Active Ingredients: Calcium hydroxide - lime
Benefits: Engineered for inside HVAC ducts and other areas of the HVAC system
Technical Information: Contains no pigments, no VOCs, no off-gassing and is virtually odorless.Private & commercial use.
Coverage Chart: 200 sqf per gallon

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