Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

How is Caliwel™ applied?
Caliwel™ is DIY friendly and can be applied with a standard paint equipment: brush, roller or sprayer.

How many coats are required?
We recommend that two coats of Caliwel™ are applied over a 100% acrylic primer layer.

How much surface area does one gallon of Caliwel™ cover?
One gallon of Caliwel™ coating will cover 250 square feet of surface.

Can standard tip size for sprayer be used?
Yes, standard spray tips can be used. No special sizes are required.

What types of surfaces can Caliwel™ be applied to?
Caliwel™ can be applied to any interior building surface, including drywall, concrete and timber.

Are there volume discounts?
Yes, quantity discounts are available for over 50 gallons. Please see the products page for the most up-to-date information.

How long does it take to ship an order?
From the time of order, typically it takes five business days for a shipment to reach its destination.

What are the payment options?
Online orders can only be placed with a credit card. However, if you call us, we can ship an order C.O.D.

Are custom colors available?
Yes, custom colors are available for orders over 25 gallons. Either fill out the form online or give us a call.

How long do custom colors take to produce?
Custom colors are shipped within ten business days of the date of order.

What is the minimum order size for custom colors?
The minimum order size is 25 gallons.


How soon can we move occupants into a newly painted space?
Occupants can be moved in one hour after Caliwel™ has been applied.

Is there any off-gassing during or after the application of Caliwel™?
No, there is no release of toxins in the air, it is virtually odorless. Caliwel contains zero VOCs and consists of non-releasing mode of action.

What happens something spills on a wall on a wall coated with Caliwel™?
If something spills on the wall, simply clean with soap and water. Caliwel™ is self-sanitizing and no other disinfectants are required.

How do you respond to the concern of bacteria and other microorganisms building up resistance to chemical antimicrobial agents--and then being more difficult to control when they really have to be controlled?
Calcium hydroxide and other inorganic biocides such as chlorine, ozone, and many minerals and metals do not induce resistance mechanisms as the organic biocides are prone to. The effect of hydroxide ions on enzymes and their constituents is apparently irreversible and non mutagenic. Calcium hydroxide has been successfully utilized as an effective sanitizing agent for centuries.

Mold remediation

Are mycotoxins released when applying Caliwel™?
No, mycotoxins are not released when Caliwel comes in contact with mold and mildew or treated surface.

Do I need to sandpaper mold off wood studs before applying Caliwel™?
No, you do not need to sandpaper mold off wood studs before applying Caliwel™. However, we recommend that you clean the mold off first.